Establish a perfect little turnkey operation that goes to work every single time. Own the job. Own the way you do something. Build a system that works. Build it as though you were going to franchise it.

Provide a consistent level of service that imparts to the customer a sense of security and integrity ... an assurance that problems will be handled promptly at no extra cost.

Dress the same, behave the same, offer the same. Many top companies rely on uniforms to project an image of consistent quality, good service and uniqueness. Also aim for consistency in behaviour and speech. The way you answer the phone, greet customers and serve them will influence their perceptions of the service quality you provide. Make the experience of doing business with you sparkle with life. Own and duplicate the experience. Provide a level of service that can be depended on, come what may.

Deliver the same result every time. If you own the experience, you must be able to replicate it. Deliver the same result in an absolutely predictable fashion, time after time. Create a systematic way of producing a result. To keep your customers, be consistent ... be predictable.

 Give your customers control. Design your systems so that your customers control their experience rather than allowing the systems to control their experience.

 Manage your customersí expectations. Tell your customers exactly what they can expect from your business, when they can expect it and periodically update them on the status of the work in progress.

Donít work on a process.
Work to produce a result. To produce the result you and your customers want:

  • Determine the results you aim to achieve, start with the result.

  • Divide the project into steps that can be seen and understood.

  • Work you way backwards.

  • Crate a checklist with your customers so that you use common methods of evaluating performance.

  • Determine how often you want to communicate with your customers. Diarise the dates and times.

  • Insert self-imposed penalties in the projectís specs.

  • Make them meaningful. Be specific.

Empower your customers.

Action points

  1. Define the result that you are responsible for achieving for your customers.
  2. Who else is necessary to you in order for you to produce the result?
  3. What limitations/drawbacks/disappointments could customers encounter when they receive the defined results?
  4. What steps can you take to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks?



1.   Where are you going?
2. How are you going to get there?
3. What will you need to do?
4. What are you lacking?
5. Who is in your way?
6. Who are you aiming at?
7. Who do you need to assist you?
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