Be tough on yourself. Play to win. Come back for more, no matter what punishment you encounter en route to your goal. Become a bad loser. Constantly pushing yourself to the limit will knock the hell out of you. But moderate stress pushes you to heights that you never knew were possible.

Pick a mighty opposite. Donít make little enemies with whom you disagree for petty reasons. Rather cultivate people with whom you have significant differences ... people with whom youíll fight to the bitter end over fundamental issues. A good, tough enemy forces you to improve yourself and your business. Prepare to do battle with the smartest biggies that make your life hell.

To win the battle:

  1. Focus squarely on your customers. Do things right. Concentrate on the people who support your business, rather than your competitors. Tell your customers more. Todayís customers want to know more about what theyíre buying. If you want to keep them, tell them. Short, cryptic descriptions of products donít stimulate emotions, differentiate one brand or model from another or highlight advantages to the consumer.

Todayís consumer is street smart: he wants more information about less.

  1. Concentrate on the decisive point. Seek a chink in your competitorís armour. Divide and conquer.

 Go for small victories to give you and your troops confidence. Winning isnít the most important thing. Itís the only   thing.

  1. Provide a complete product. Look for features that your competitors donít provide: batteries for torches, blades for the razor, plugs for electrical equipment, workbooks for seminars ...

Turn your customers into evangelists. Get your customers to spread the word about your product or service with missionary zeal. Create a cause. Evangelists need a cause. Give them something to believe in: a product, a company or a set of beliefs like environmentalism. Theyíll spread the word because they want others to believe in what they believe.

  • Embody a vision ... itís much more than just a good idea: itís a calling.

  • Seize the high ground by promising to make the world a better place through, say, improving productivity, cleaning up the environment or empowering formerly disenfranchised groups.

  • Redefine the experience by, for example, making a product even more user friendly.

  • Catalyse strong feelings of love for the product or service.

To spread the word, find the right people. Target your market accurately. Aim at people who believe that youíre offering them the best thing since sliced bread. Start with existing users. And donít forget your employees. Make all the people who work for you evangelists for your cause. After all you pay their salaries so they have a vested interest in the success of the business. Employees are at the heart of the engine that drives improved customer service.

Action points

  1. Identify a mighty opposite. Another company, division or person.
  2. What is their weak point (that chink in the armour)?
  3. Go for small victories. List the small victories that you can accomplish over the next 30 days.
  4. Write a note to a customer of yours listing 5 reasons why the business should be awarded to you, and not to the might opposite.
  5. Imagine a customer suddenly overcome by a blinding flash of light. A convert is born, he can think of nothing other than your phenomenal product/service. Write the opening paragraph of a speech that he is to deliver to 5000 sceptics, persuading them that your product/service is the only way to eternal joy.

1.   Where are you going?
2. How are you going to get there?
3. What will you need to do?
4. What are you lacking?
5. Who is in your way?
6. Who are you aiming at?
7. Who do you need to assist you?
  Have Heart
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