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Good news for the Modern Manager
This how-to-do-it handbook keeps you on the right track. It's a book of vital to-do lists that primes you for serious bouts of creative thinking.

Prepare yourself for the new business order by taking charge of your career. Pace yourself. Create a vision. Build a team. Win by focusing on your customer.



Let's Kill the Business
Thirteen deadly secrets revealed, and 130 different techniques of implementing them. If you don't absorb the master plans for corporate demise and take the opposite track you won't kill the business. You may even find that it will flourish.

The Magnificent Seven Steps to Success
Successful people are being transformed out of necessity. They are re-inventing themselves, flying in the face of tradition, rejecting rules that have paved the way to success in the past. Now it's time to re-focus your mindset. And here's how...



The Whole Works
Peter Cheales shows you how to blaze the trail in The Whole Works. In essence, The Whole Works is a recipe packed with nourishing, high-protein ingredients that will help you burn off useless corporate fat and build a healthier bottom line.

Passion Makes Perfect
Towering corporate structures are crumbling. Middle managers are a dying breed. Successful bosses now lead their troops from the front. What it takes is a  passion for perfection. However your job description defines you, you need to own the job and the way that you do it.



Look Out
A survival guide to the international business onslaught. While the quality of South African products usually meets international standards, local manufacturers bring up the rear on international scales of competitiveness.


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30 Service Energisers
for service champions.
Present Situation Analysis
The Present Situation Analysis will help you see a little more clearly where you stand today.
How well does your team work
What is your team's greatest strength? What does your team need to work on?
Customer teamwork questionnaire
Where do we work together best? What is our greatest strength as a team? What is our greatest opportunity to improve teamwork?
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Article: Profit from the Loyalty of Love
How to make customers lifelong fans.
Article: Signs of Excellence
A promise to deliver.
Article: Worker Empowerment Pays Off
Put your whole company in Customer Service Mode.
Article: Someone's Changed the Rules
The pursuit of wealth.
Article: Ask Me What I Want. Don't Make Assumptions
Successful Salesmanship.
Article: World Class Service
Don't give your customers a 'definite maybe'.

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