Nearly ten years into a new government and South Africa has quickly established itself in the global arena. Some of the world’s leading business icons have jumped onto the local retail and service stage: McDonald’s, Gucci, Levi’s, Kookai, Microsoft, Chick-fil-A, Crabtree & Evelyn, IBM, Alfred Dunhill, Sheraton Hotels, Condé Nast, DKNY and Hyatt Hotels are just a few of the world’s leading players which have set up local operations.

And many South African companies have been hugely successful in their global forays: South African Breweries, Nando’s, Biggie Best, Sweets From Heaven, Woolworths, the Sweet Factory, Brazilian Coffee Shop and Steers are all expanding into new territories at a rapid rate.

Successful people are being transformed out of necessity. They’re reinventing themselves, flying in the face of tradition, rejecting rules that have paved their way to success in the past. They’re refocusing their mindsets, redefining the nature of their businesses and flattening corporate structures. Indulge, baby. Without the bulge!

The rules have changed. It’s time to get it together - to get it ahead. The timing is right. South African consumers are quickly catching on to superlatives like slickest, fastest, cheapest and best. Common sense prevails, because it all boils down to doing the right things - at the right place, for the right price. I hope you enjoy Good News For the Modern Manager - it’s designed to get you on track and in the groove. Think of this book as your business driver’s manual, its designed to keep you moving. I’ve kept the brain-breaking reading for your lectures and study clubs, opting for quick-hit lists. I love the notion of writing lists: you can make a one-sitting meal of them when you’re starving, or tuck in for a nibble if you’re feeling mentally peckish.

Some points might seem repetitive at times. But any overlap is because the ideas naturally dovetail into one another. Cohesive themes, for example, where leadership creates a motivated staff which results in stronger customer relations ...

Learning is an interactive process - whatever information you may have gleaned from my speaking engagements at your company is matched by the knowledge I’ve picked up from your feedback and queries. I hope to grow this process.



1.  Compete!
2.   Change!
3.   Plan!
4.   Delegate!
5.  Lead!
6.  Motivate!
7.  Service!
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