I created the 13 articles in this booklet especially for Successful Salesmanship. Published as a series under the generic title Let's Kill the Business, they proved so popular with the readers of the magazine that I decided to publish them in a more permanent, convenient-to-read-anywhere form. To enhance the appeal, I also decided to make an audio cassette recording of the text so that you can hone up on the information-filled chapters while commuting to and from work, on your Walkman while jogging, or in the peace and quiet of your study at home.

In Let's Kill the Business, I steer you safely through a treacherous minefield. All it takes is one false step to make the business disintegrate into the dust of history. In each chapter, I offer you tested alternatives to becoming just another statistic on the battlefield of modern business.

With South African now part of the big, wide world, protection by a paternalistic government is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Foreign competitors are, for the most part, lean and mean. They give no quarter. They expect no mercy. To survive in business and - yes, even prosper - you've got to trim the flab, get down to your best fighting weight. And you've got to get with it.

Let's Kill the Business shows you how.

This isn't an academic treatise fill of air-fairy theories cobbled together in an ivory tower. It's down-to-earth nitty-gritty about the techniques of surviving on a business battlefield while those around you are falling like flies.

Rather than tell you what to do, I tell you to do what you shouldn't. Each chapter ends with 10 points. Implement them and the business becomes past tense. Do the opposite and the business will live to fight another day.

If you read and listen to Let's Kill the Business in the spirit with which I wrote it and practise what I don't preach, the business will refuse to die Vragtig!

Now it's over to you. What you think about my thoughts is important. I value your input. So please email me: peter@hellopeter.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Cheales

1. I thought I made it clear
2. Let's not rock the boat
3. We tried that once before
4. Who cares? It's the company time after all
5. I'm the boss. Do as I say
6. I can't stand change
7. We made the cuts, now lets get back to work
8. I'll do it as soon as possible
9. I prefer to work alone
10. Speaking as a Nestlé man
11. Get him on the line!
12. I've got 20 years experience
13. Let's keep it confidential
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