I'VE kept this chapter and a few others short. Deliberately. It gives you the chance to relax and digest what you've read. It gives me the opportunity to summarise what I've already told you.

  1. If you're in business - any type of business -  there's a good chance you'll be competing against foreign  competitors in your market sector, probably sooner rather than later.

  2. Depending on your area of operation and expertise, you'll be fighting off attacks from Europe, the United  Kingdom, the United States, China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and, possibly, several other  countries -  perhaps even Australia and Canada.

  3. The strategies foreign competitors will use to win  themselves a slice of your market may include any or  all of the following:

  •  price-cutting;

  • dumping;

  • buy-outs;

  • mergers;

  • alliances and partnerships;

  • better quality products, and

  • excellent customer service.

If you're attacked by multinationals with virtually unlimited financial resources, be prepared to defend yourself against a combination of 'get in' strategies. They may even exert political pressure to get what they want.

Now, let's get back to business.

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  Authors Note
1. Protection Gets the Bullet
2. Perceive the Threat
3. Define the 'Get In' Strategy
4. A Quick Backward Glance-1
5. The Importance of Pricing
6. Vital Ingredients: Products and Productivity
7. Customer Service: On the Backburner
8. A Quick Backward Glance-2
9. Preventative Strategies: Price and Service Quality
10. Preventative Strategies: The Ramparts of Distribution
11. Preventative Strategies: Management - to restructure?
12. Preventative Strategies: Market Aggressively to Win
13. A Quick Backward Glance-3
14. In Conclusion
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