TIME to catch our breath again and recap.

We've already established that offshore competitors may attempt to muscle in on your territory and that they'll use one or a combination of strategies to grab market share. We've also learnt that while some of the still in-place barriers to entry may be effective in the short term, they are bound to crumble in the medium to long term.

We found:

  1. Many invaders will cut prices and forsake short-term profits to cut themselves a slice of your market.

  2. Although products made overseas aren't necessarily superior in quality to those manufactured locally, higher levels of productivity overseas make foreign products more price-competitive.

  3. A lot of South African companies pay lip service to the concept of customer service. Some even implement customer service audit programmes. But most relegate the concept to the back burner, although providing excellent customer service may be the only way they can distinguish their products from an influx of 'me too' imports.

We now move on to preventative strategies ...

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  Authors Note
1. Protection Gets the Bullet
2. Perceive the Threat
3. Define the 'Get In' Strategy
4. A Quick Backward Glance-1
5. The Importance of Pricing
6. Vital Ingredients: Products and Productivity
7. Customer Service: On the Backburner
8. A Quick Backward Glance-2
9. Preventative Strategies: Price and Service Quality
10. Preventative Strategies: The Ramparts of Distribution
11. Preventative Strategies: Management - to restructure?
12. Preventative Strategies: Market Aggressively to Win
13. A Quick Backward Glance-3
14. In Conclusion
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