_____ The Whole
_____ Works

here's only one constant in business today. change. this is particularly evident in south africa where a government in defiance of world opinion drew manufacturers into a laager to protect them against foreign incursion.

that government is no more. the tariff barriers it so assiduously erected crumble with increasing rapidity. business is now a different ball game. foreign enterprises, well-versed in the tactics of cut-throat global trading, are pouring across our borders. the assault on the south african market that i predicted in my best selling book

Look Outis underway.

We can either lie down and die. Or we can fight the insurgents. Using the correct techniques, we have a very good chance of beating them at their own game.

Just what are those techniques? I describe them in detail in my popular presentations,I Was Your Customer and Passion Makes Perfect as well as in my previous books.

Consuming vast quantities of tea and coffee with my friend Esmond Frank while mulling over the problems our business people face as the century moves towards its close, I was struck by an idea. Esmond said it sounded good. The Whole Works is the result. Essentially it's a collection of the most potent techniques that I identified and wrote about, and Esmond honed, to help you blast your way through competing global forces into the next millennium and beyond.

I can' claim all the credit for the idea that led to this book. Your input was invaluable. Many of you attended the seminars and conferences at which I was invited to speak. You didn't just accept what I told you. Indeed, you asked pertinent and challenging questions. I've attempted to answer them in The Whole Works.

Therefore, I dedicate this book to you in the knowledge that you will use the ideas that I've set out to guide you to even greater success and richer rewards. Long may you enjoy the fruits of your ongoing commitment to better business.

I value your input. Don't keep me in the dark. You can email me at peter@hellopeter.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Cheales

  Authors Note
1. Keep your customer base healthy
2. Introduce fresh makeover ideas for better business
3. Power drive motivation
4. Control your business workout regime
5. Meet the challenge of corporate change
6. Keep your focus
7. Update your circuit
8. Come out fighting
9. Cultivate sparring partners
10. Avoid Regressing
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