“Organisations need fewer and fewer of better and better people.”
- Michael Hammer, reengineering expert

Alan: “Hey, Mark, how goes it?”
Mark: “Oh, man! I just got laid off. Twenty-two years with the company and I’m out.”
Alan: “So, how’s everything else?”

Okay, how are things going at work? I can hear the groans from here - and no wonder. You’ve been downsized, reengineered, outsourced, delayered, right-sized, empowered, one-minute-managed, and customer-focused. What now?

You are smack in the middle of the fastest changing work environment since Henry Ford cranked up the assembly line. Employers that used to welcome you into their family now boot you out the door. Promotional ladders have turned into footstools. Bosses who used to guide your career are working full-time saving their own. That annual
increase now comes around with the frequency of Halley’s comet, and you’re doing the work of two or three people because there’s nobody else left to do it.

Welcome to the
‘anxious class’ - all of us who can’t count on having a job next year and who see our income losing ground to inflation.

What you think about my thoughts is important. I value your input. So please email me: I look forward to hearing from you.

  Prepare yourself for the new business order
  Have Heart
1. Take charge of you career
  Chart 1 Present situation Analysis
  Calculate your worth
2. Pace yourself
  Stress rating chart
  Case study
  Use creativity to solve problems
  Creativity checklist
3. Create a vision
  Develop a system
  Run your own show
4. Build a team
  Team work chart
  Being a team leader
  Team ground rules
5. Win by focusing on the customer
  Customer teamwork questionnaire
  Grow your customers
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