The Presentation

Peter Cheales is eloquent, dynamic and energetic. But his purpose is direct and targeted – to give you the key ingredients to make your company a world-class service provider. Whether you’re kicking off a major conference, hosting a breakfast, lunch or dinner, or rolling up your sleeves in an executive work session, South Africa’s most popular motivational speaker on service and management has a single objective: putting ideas into order and translating them into action.

I Was Your Customer – the extreme service makeover

I never complain…
I never grumble at the poor service I get.
I’ll stand at the cashier’s window while she chats with the typist about last night’s date.
I don’t scowl when kept waiting, and if the salesperson who finally wanders over to see
what I want is impatient or discourteous, I don’t complain. I’m very tolerant.
When I ask a simple question and get a curt answer, do I call the manager?
No, I just tolerate the situation.
I like to be nice to people because – well, that’s the way I am.
I never moan, I never fuss, I never criticize.
I’d hate to make a scene like I have seen others do.
I think that’s just awful.
No, I’m a nice customer.
But I’ll tell you something else too:
I’m the customer who doesn’t come back.
That’s my defence against being pushed around.
You don’t care? What does one more or less matter?
But multiplied…
I can ruin any business.
That’s why I can sit back and laugh when I see you spending all that money
on advertising to get me back; when you could have kept me in the first place
with a smile, a few kind words, a little service.


50 – Minute Explosive Experience. WOW! This hard-hitting presentation with sound and visual support is the ideal keynote for conferences and seminars. Full of take-home value, acclaimed by audiences across the board and around the globe.

R 25 000.00

International Presentations U.S. $ 9 000.00

(Prices exclude VAT and travel costs)


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Additional Information

The fees do NOT vary according to the number of delegates attending the (presentations) functions.

Video and sound recordings

A max. of 7 minutes of the presentation may be recorded at no extra charge by prior written permission from Peter.

Method of payment

On receipt of authorised confirmation, an invoice will be issued stipulating full payment prior to Presentation. For presentations outside South Africa, payment to be made 45 days prior to departure.


Travel by car to and from the presentation venue is charged at R7.50 per km. Travel by aeroplane (anywhere outside the Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Drakensberg) is for client’s account. The airfare will be charged at the standard business class rate for a return ticket, and will be billed in addition to the fees.


Hotel board and accommodation (where necessary) is for the client’s account, and is to be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the booked presentation.


When a booking is made, Peter Cheales becomes committed to give his presentation on the agreed date. Accordingly, his fee (but not transport or accommodation charges) becomes payable in the event that the client cancels or wishes to postpone the presentation. In such case the fee or any balance unpaid becomes payable on the date that was booked. This is a term of his contract with the client.